Photos from Jefferson Computer lab using Lego Mindstorm. 
We started using the kits this week and here are some pictures, thank you for your generous support. I will have more next week when we start running them through a maze course. This week we programmed and created.

The Team peddled 12,736 miles and the pledges hit the $5,000 goal!
McAdow's Miles for Rotary Team wish to thank all you generous PLEDGERS for your generous support.  THANK YOU.
Your pledges will support the charitable projects of the Rotary Club of Madison West Towne-Middleton both locally and internationally. 


Purple ink on the pinkie finger tells both volunteers and the child’s neighborhood that one more person is safe from the horror of polio.

It is more than a way to identify who has been immunized. It is a symbol of defiance against a crippling disease and a symbol of hope for a polio-free world. No one is safe until all are safe. 


Join Rotary Clubs all Over the World

in the Fight to End Polio


Your donation helps Rotary and its partners reach every child with the polio vaccine. Thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, your contribution will be tripled, getting us even closer to a polio-free world.





Speaker/Program Coordinator

To schedule programs and/or speakers, please contact:
Matt Loch   608-664-4444
The Best Rotary Club in the World!
Zor Shrine Place
Madison, WI 57319
United States

Alicja Kaznica, Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student

L to R: Tony Burns, President, Connie Smith, Youth Exchange Officer, Alicja Kaznica, Rotary Youth Exchange Student, and Dan Fose, Youth Exchange Counselor.

Alicja and Kathy Siebert, visiting from Madison South Rotary Club enjoying lunch.

Alicja Kaznica is from Bydgoszcz, Kuyavian-Pomeranian,  Poland.

Alicja is our Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange student and she was welcomed at our Club meeting. 



Rotary Youth Exchange

Exchange Programs - Inbound & Outbound
  • One year coincides with school year
  • Students live with three families typically
  • Opportunity to learn a new culture and language, to be an ambassador & to make friends for a lifetime
  • It's a year of adventure
  • Rotary District 6250 sends and receives students to/from 40 countries
  • RYE plays an important role in world peace & understanding. Once you have experienced another culture, judgment of others & their culture diminishes
"If every 17 year old were a youth exchange student, we would have no wars." Karl-Wilhelm Stenhammer, RI Past President
  • Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) Focus on administration & finding/orienting host families
  • Youth Exchange Counselor (YEC) Focus on student's interaction with families, school & Club
  • Youth Protection Officer (YPO) Focus on student's wellbeing
Candidates For The Program
  • Not YOUNGER than 15.5 on August 1
  • Not OLDER than 18.5 on August 1
  • A minimum 2.75 GPA or student ranking in top 50% of class
Ways Club Members Can Help/Participate
  • Host a student
  • Transportation to meetings, events, etc.
  • Include student in your plans
  • Invite to dinner
Rotary District 6250, as part of the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange program, sends and receives students to/from 40 countries:
Dan Fost
Club Youth Exchange Officer
(C) 608-772-2450
Connie Smith
Club Youth Exchange Counselor
(C) 608-719-9411
Toni Pabon
District Youth Exchange Information Coordinator & Registrar
Rotary Club of Sun Prairie