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July 28, 2017

Dan Stein
Second Harvest Food Bank

August 8, 2017

Beth Schuler
Group Sales Manager

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Background Checks

Are volunteering with youth (one-on-one)?  Mentoring, Rotary Youth Exchange, RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Academic Decathlon, etc. ...
If YES, you need to have an annual background check completed. CLICK HERE for more details about how to get your background check completed. This only applies if you are working with youth one-on-one.  If you are in a group more than 2 people, you don't need a background check.
Mick Faulhaber is our Youth Protection Officer for our Club.  Contact him if you have any questions or concerns. Email: mfaulhaber@ward-brodt.com Phone: (608) 661-8600
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The Association of Fundraising Professionals has recognized The Rotary Foundation with its annual Award for Outstanding Foundation.

The award honors organizations that show philanthropic commitment and leadership through financial support, innovation, encouragement of others, and involvement in public affairs. Some of the boldest names in American giving — Kellogg, Komen, and MacArthur, among others —are past honorees.

The announcement came on 15 November, known to industry professionals since the 1980s as National Philanthropy Day. The award was presented 2 May at the AFP’s annual conference.

Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair-elect Paul Netzel accepted the award on Rotary’s behalf, and Eric Schmelling, Rotary's chief philanthropy officer, also attended the conference. The event drew more than 3,400 senior-level fundraising professionals from 33 countries.

“In our Centennial year, we are deeply honored to receive this recognition from the Association of Fundraising Professionals,” said Netzel.

AFP’s committee of judges cited Rotary’s comprehensive campaign to eradicate polio as a major driver of the selection.

“With the generous support of our members and partners, we’ve taken on some of the toughest humanitarian challenges in the world, none more so than the devastating disease of polio,” said Netzel. “We will defeat polio, and it will be a landmark achievement for global public health.”

The committee also mentioned that Rotary applies a methodical, purposeful approach to support a wide variety of causes, from providing clean water to educating the next generation of peace professionals.

“This award helps to spread our belief that service to humankind truly changes our world, and for that reason, it is the greatest work of life,” said Netzel.

Rotary News   15-Nov-2016    Photo Credit: Rotary International/Alyce Henson


We had a successful experience hosting 8 Rotarians in our district.  We had traveled to Gujarat, India in January, and they came to visit us late in May.  They enjoyed visiting Chicago, Dells, La Crosse area and Madison area.  Many homes were opened in our district, while our Rotarians hosted and showed them around. 

We are looking for persons interested in hosting a group of Rotarians from Peru.  It may be a small group, from 4-10 persons, arriving on Tuesday, August 15 and leaving on Thursday, August 31.  If you and your club would like to be a host for a day, a few days or more, let me know.  Please send an email to Dave Clemens, drdave@dellsdental.net, and let him know of your commitment.  You will be expected to pick them up from the previous club, provide a room, meals and entertainment, then make sure they make it to the next community on their itinerary.  It is great fun, which we want many clubs to enjoy.  Don't miss this chance to enjoy the fun of a Friendship Exchange.


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Posted by  Jack Ferreri


Eric Helsher, VP of Client Success at Epic, spoke about the very measurable impact of digital technology on treating disease and covering its cost. He walked us through an overview of Data Integration, Decision Support, Care at Scale, and Return on Investment. Gathering huge amounts of data and extracting meaningful implications guide medical practice toward reliably better outcomes. Most hospitals are now fully digital, gathering information on all their cases. Epic and others aggregate this data and show others how to ‘replicate cool things.’ It’s about population health and the ability of hospitals to monitor the vitals on thousands of patients in many different sites automatically.  An exciting – and healthier -- future.


Incoming Youth Exchange Student Best at the Bank

Best our incoming Youth Exchange Student, the day he opened a bank account with the help of Dan and Derek.
Messages from Outbound Exchange Students
Posted by Dan Fose
Our current Outbound Exchange Students are both doing very well. Lucas Taglia is in Argentina. He wrote “I'm doing great here. I've already fallen in love with the people and culture here. I have a wonderful host family and school is going good. I just got back from the south trip, 22 days touring much of the sites Patagonia has to offer. Absolutely picturesque. A lot yet to look forward to.” Lucas sent along this picture (attached).

James Ekman is also doing very well in India after getting through a typical homesick stretch. He loves his Host Family and has made many new friends; really enjoying himself.
James Ekman's family will also be Best’s 3rd Host Family here.
They both express great appreciation for the opportunity provided them by our Club.